Meet Julia Jenkins, PhD

I am a medical writer with significant cell and gene therapy expertise and the founder of Chiron Medical Communications Ltd, an independent writing consultancy.

I have worked for over five years as a specialist technical writer on client projects, including congress reports and manuscripts detailing clinical studies of therapeutic AAV vector-based gene delivery for neurodegenerative disease and haemophilia, the development of polygenic eye tests, and preparing data reports on the potency and quality attributes of AAV constructs for inherited ocular diseases.

My prior experience includes twenty years in academia developing strategies for therapeutic viral gene transfer, gene silencing, and the ex vivo transduction of leukocytes, which resulted in 43 peer-reviewed papers and two book chapters. I have broad subject knowledge drawn from my experience and successful collaboration, for example, with engineers from MIT to develop a novel lab-on-chip device and chemists at Oxford University, resulting in a patent and high-impact publication on a targeted viral gene delivery system. I also worked on novel cellular therapies for a UK regulatory authority (HTA).

My experiences working as a technical writer, within academia, and as a regulator have given me a unique perspective and broad expertise that I can draw on to deliver your project successfully.